Our first day in Athens started with a private tour with our wonderful guide Vassia of Alternative Athens. She took us on a stroll through the Meat and Fish Market, the Spice Street, the Neighborhoods of Psirri (where the Impact Hub is located), Monastiraki, Kerameikos and Exarchia. The latter one has been a hub for leftwing activists, artists and alternative lifestyles for a number of years and gained a dodgy reputation when the 15-year-old Greek kid Alexis Grigoropoulos was shot and killed on December 6, 2008, which led to the “December Uprising”, where Athens was burning and which seriously affected the Greek youth movement. When we visited an Urban Gardening Project on an occupied property in Exarchia, we were lucky to meet Spathara, who told us about her work in the Garden and the social initiatives that are active in that district.


Later that day, we went to visit the founders of the Impact Hub Athens, Dimitris and Sophie for an interview. We talked about their way into the world of Impact Hubs, about different projects they are hosting at the moment as well as the bridge-building function of the Hub and their very personal motivation and vision that give them the energy to pursue their current path and engage themselves in creating sustainable, wide-ranging initiatives that have a positive impact.