Tuesday was a very productive day. First, we met with Antonis Schwarz. The founder of Vouliwatch, who is of Greek and German descent originally started his powerful Parliament Watch Business together with a Greek partner in the Impact Hub Athens and eventually grew and needed to relocate to an office of his own. The digital platform offers a party policy monitor, the public questioning of Members of Parliament and the monitoring of their voting behavior as well as the crowdsourcing of ideas. These are very exciting times for him, as he extends his reach into high politics and is on his way to become an integral part of the political system. We talked about giving power to the people, the structure of the current political system, digital innovations and of course his current and future milestones with Vouliwatch.

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In the afternoon, we met Pavlos Georgiadis, who is running the multi-national food consultancy business We Deliver Taste. On the more practical side, he is true to his personal heritage by producing tasty and healthy Greek olive oil in oversized bottles which won’t ever fit in a supermarket shelve. His mission is to better the quality of the food we consume, real food, no empty calories, locally sourced and efficiently used. Being a documentary film maker in the past, Pavlos is a true media professional and gave us some bold statements. We had a great talk about his personal path bridging botanics and gastronomy, his visits to indigenous communities, about the mass consumption of food, innovative initiatives and the need for a new generation of young farmers. after that, Pavlos took us on a great food shopping trip through his favorite stores and markets in the city and later on, together with his lovely girlfriend Stephania, we all had a delicious dinner on the balcony of their home where he invited us for the evening and where we watched some of his documentary footage.