On Wednesday, we met with Alternative Athens’ Tina Kyriakis while enjoying a panoramic view over the impressive Greek capital from the Orizontes restaurant at the top of the Lycabettus Hill. We talked about her personal path from her international business formation, via time spent at a Spanish Equestrian Centre, her corporate PR and Marketing background and taking Californian filmmaking classes until she founded her own and very personal tourism company: Alternative Athens. With her company, she is offering unusual tours of the city in small groups, visiting places and spaces which matter a little more than your usual tourism hotspots and which have meaning to Tina personally. She chose guides according to their character and trained them herself to her own personal standards. We got into a very inspiring conversation about directing one’s life and about diving in head first.

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Later that day, we met with Ioanna Fotopoulous, a thriving young entrepreneur and politician from Thessaloniki, currently living and working in Athens. After our interview at the Yacht Harbour was disturbed by an airshow, we moved on to a nice little cafe in her local neighborhood.  We talked about her formation, her time as the founder and president of the NGO The Activests, intensive time spent working in the Balkans and founding and growing the e-governance startup YouRule. Ioanna has also been active as a participant in the Clinton Global Initiative University and as an Ambassador for One Young World. Right now, she is handling all of her activities while working full time as a Marketing Manager, but maybe not for long, YouRule looks very promising.

On our way home, we had to change at the main station, where many Syrian refugees would eventually arrive each day on their way to Central Europe. We usually had a little chat with some of them, such as the parents of the little Farrah (depicted below). Funny enough, as our Photographer Sascha is currently walking around barefoot, Farrah’s father was offering him his shoes – and couldn’t quite get why he wouldn’t want to wear them.