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After our amazing Raki evening with the Latraac crew, we headed back from the Greek harbour town of Patra to Bari in Italy by boat the next day, again doing Camping on Board. We made full use of the time on the ferry by cutting some hair on the parking deck. After having been checked thoroughly for Syrian refugees and drugs when arriving back in Southern Italy, we visited a tiny Italian village on the coast and had fresh seafood that came straight from the fish trawler onto the grill. When the roaring heat started to cool down a bit towards the evening, we drove a couple of hundred kilometers up North for the night. Our 1978 built VW van needed careful treatment and didn’t handle the heat very well.

006Vermillion005Fireadventure 007SandyAtTheCardoc008SHESBAAAAACCK

Now that we had a few days of traveling from the very South of Bari back up North to Florence, we actually had some time to wind down and have a proper bonfire on the beach, grilling good Italian vegetables with Feta cheese accompanied by some “Reishunger” Risotto from Germany. Unfortunately, Sandy was still not running smoothly, our beloved T2 would not start any more. So we grabbed the opportunity to take her to a workshop, run by Donato Zerulo, where we got some new spark plug wires and a new cable for the starter, which actually helped it a lot and we were running smoothly again.


However, the next day was not without surprise, given our little “incident” at the self service gas station. Our thought-to-be friendly Italian helper took off with a tank full of gas on our bill, which led to all the actually friendly Italian customers of the station collecting money for another tank to finally fill up Sandy again. Unfortunately, the attendant opted for Diesel fuel, which then had to be sucked out of the tank again with the good old sucking-the-hose technique. After this “interesting” pit stop, we finally made it up North to Tuscany, where we spent the night overlooking a really nice lake and doing some time lapse photography.