Here are some images of our arrival in Greece on Saturday morning at about 6:30h. Sandy and the Silver Star took us through the beautiful mountain landscape of Greek Macedonia all the way to the second most important town in Greece: Thessaloniki. However, about 3km from the Goethe Institute and in the scorching midday heat, Sandy broke down in midst of heavy inner city traffic. So we split teams and the one going ahead arrived at the Goethe Institute much later than planned, just in time to have about an hour’s talk with the German cultural outpost’s director Peter Panes.

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We talked about the different socio-cultural projects of the Institute, its engagement in the EU’s Creative Europe program, its hosting of a refugee congress, the Cultural Innovators Network, the Input Project and much more. Moreover, we received very helpful tips for places to visit in Thessaloniki. Most strikingly, one of the main activities of the Goethe Institute is “building bridges”, which is exactly our claim. As we didn’t have time to shoot either there or at any of the mentioned projects, we definitely need to come back here in order to portray some of the initiatives around the Goethe Institute. After Sandy agreed to start again within the hands of a professional technician, we raised its tickover a bit and carefully went on to the seaside, where we spent the night.