After shooting pickups at quite a few interesting spots in the cosmopolitan town of Thessaloniki, we had a meeting with Mimis Fotopoulos, the mayor of the Delta Province (which is located on the West side of Thessaloniki), in the late Saturday afternoon. Mr. Fotopoulos brought the head of his municipality along with him, Marienthi Dimopoulou, as well as his charming daughter Dimitra, who helped us with the translation of the interview.


Being the Mayor, he can basically choose any place he likes to just walk in and do some filming with us. We were quite lucky that he chose one of the authentic fishers’ houses on the seaside, where we were able to shoot amazing footage. Our interview topics ranged from their local natural reserve with its extensive rice plantations, some of the social initiatives (such as social supermarkets and social pharmacies) that arose by the crisis, about the values of the upcoming generation of young Greeks and also about his take on the relationship between Greece and Europe.