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The first Impact Hub on our route was recently founded in Reggio Emilia, a small town in the Emilia Romania region, between Parma and Modena, a region well known for its delicious cheese and expensive sports cars. Here we met one of the founders of the Hub, Stefano Guerrieri, who installed himself in the there with his innovative furniture company Playwood (

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Stefano also took us on a stroll through the ancient city center of Reggio Emilia, where we found a refreshing fountain in front of the famous Theatre and had an amazing Focaccia with Ice Cream. Towards the evening, he took us to our destination for the night, the Bioagriturismo Ca’ del Ciuco just outside of the town, which is run by friends of his. After parking Sandy in between the old stone walls, we had Aperitivo with Stefano and his wife Carlotta and got to know the owners of the beautifully renovated place and took a much needed dip in their lovely pool (






Most of the leather for the Kjore Project products is imported from New Zealand, while the tanning and the production of the products is done by hand in the Verona region. No chemicals or unnatural products are being used in the making and process of the leather goods. The Kjore Project claim “The evolution of goods” describes that all the leathers live a long life with its user and change over time whilst maintaining its quality and look for years to come with the Nordic design staying timeless. Luca’s father the designer in the family did a quick shoe sketch for us with one of our Maomea pencils we brought along with us and we also picked up one of the great leather backpacks for us to travel with and evolve along with us.



Today, we just had a short ride from Verona to San Giovanni Iliarone and visited Luca and his family with whom we talked about their Kjøre Project ( The 28-year-old entrepreneur – with the help of his parents – continues the family tradition of producing handmade leather goods of the highest quality in his home region. It is in the 3rd generation now with Luca carrying on the long established family tradition. 



Sharing the roads with thousands of travellers, we finally reached our first destination Verona (after a short visit to the Lago di Garda to catch the sunset) much later than expected. We arrived at the first camping ground up in the hills just outside of the city of Verona next to an old castle and we sat down and configured this Blog in the middle of the night. The first day showed us that we have an awesome chemistry as a group and we are all stoked and excited that we are on this brand new adventure together.


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We had a good feeling on our way back from the Lake Geneva. We really savoured the remaining time together, taking some nice and atmospheric shots as the sun set and feeling the quiet assurance of being on a greater mission now. We couldn’t wait to get started.


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We went on a journey in order to experience what it feels like to be on the road together and to generate some thoughts on what the near future may hold in store for us. Our first trip took us to Geneva, to Lausanne and to Evian, and that’s when we found out for ourselves what our mission was: To continue to travel all over Europe – North, South, East and West – in search for people that truly inspire us and whose initiatives and dedication leave us breathless, to create media reflecting the essence and beauty of these meetings and to share it with you now.



These images were taken in spring, when we test-drove our new T2 called Sandy on a little road trip to Switzerland and France. We already felt the importance which our new project would have for us and the impact it could deliver, but we still needed to do some inner and outer exploring with the purpose of finding out exactly what it was that we needed to do and how to do it.


This is where our project TELL US YOUR STORIES became very concrete. After we visited Daniel Kerber, Pele Ehn, Eric Olson and many more academics, experts and designers on our Social Design Tour in January, we were hooked to the idea of going out there and searching for answers.